Cygnett TwoFold Dual Wireless Desk Charger



  • Key Features

    Charge 2x Phones At The Same Time
    Wirelessly charge not just one
  • but two phones simultaneously. The 20W total output lets TwoFold fast charge both phones at the same time
  • including the fastest possible wireless charging speed for iPhone 8 and upwards. Alternatively
  • you can also charge other Qi enabled devices.

    Fast Wireless Charging*
    Leveraging Qi wireless technology
  • TwoFold delivers the fastest possible wireless charging speed for iPhones with 7.5W fast charging
  • plus 10W fast charging for compatible Android smartphones. Place your smartphone on TwoFold and Cygnett’s fast charging technology will get you back to full power in no time.

    Stunning Design We love our brand-new smartphone as much for its design
  • as we do for its features. A wireless charging device should be no different. Finally
  • a wireless charger that understands the value of design
  • as much as performance.

    Safe Charging
    This charger scales how much wattage it provides wirelessly depending on the phone that's laying on it. When fast charging the latest iPhone models
  • TwoFold puts out 7.5W max
  • and for Android phones
  • like the Galaxy S9
  • it puts out 10 watts.

    No Case Conflict
    TwoFold is designed to work with most lightweight smartphone cases
  • up to 3mm thickness
  • saving you the hassle of removing your phone case every time you need to charge.

    *Wireless fast charging is compatible with iPhone 8 & above

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